DESS Product presentation: AURUMBase®

As part of our ongoing product profile series, where we showcase some of the most innovative products in the dental industry, we are excited to present our second featured product – DESS® AURUMBase®.

In this article, we will delve into the AURUMBase® unique featuresbenefits, and applications. Whether you are an experienced dental professional or simply curious about the latest advances in dental technology, join us as we take an in-depth look at what makes DESS® AURUMBase® a standout product in the market and why it is worth exploring for dental professionals seeking cutting-edge restorative solutions.

DESS® AURUMBase® is the ultimate angled solution, with the most flexible angular channel on the market since 2015.

DESS Dental offers the AURUMBase® as a solution in clinical cases where the prosthetic screw access hole is unfavorably positioned due to the long axis of the implant. With the DESS® AURUMBase®, an angular adjustment of up to 25o in 360o rotation can be made without sacrificing retrievability nor compromising aesthetic results. This effectively solves the problem.

To learn more about DESS® AURUMBase®, read its features and benefits bellow:

• Gold anodised surface for better aesthetic results.
A warmer gold hue has aesthetic advantages, being easier to integrate to the gingival tone compared to the standard titanium.

• SelectGrip® Surface: offers 500% more bonding retention than an untreated surface.
This is achieved through a sandblasting treatment applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in a flawless finish that also preserves a clean gingival area, an achievement almost impossible to get in laboratory manual procedure.

• Short shaft to give 360o angular freedom.
AURUMBase® has a 3mm cementing surface height that allows 360o angular freedom whilst conserving a bonding area of more than 33 mm2. It also counts with parallel walls to increase strength and retention.

• Specially designed emergence hole.
Up to 30% size reduction in the emergence hole design within CAD libraries to further improve the flexibility and aesthetic outcome. Furthermore, AURUMBase® has a bevelled-edged chimney to optimise the driver angulation.

• Manufactured in Titanium Grade V ELI.

• AURUMBase® Castables.
Unique preformed castable caps in straight, 10o and 20o angles to facilitate prosthetic work using traditional casting procedures.

 Torx® ball screw and driver.
Torx® based screw and driver that allow full recommended torque even at full angulation.

• Compatible with 23 implant systems:

Astratech Implant SystemTM EV, Astratech OsseospeedTM, Biohorizons® Internal, Camlog®, Conelog®, Dentsply Friadent® Xive®,3i Certain®, 3i Osseotite®, Megagen® Anyridge, Medentis ICX®,Mis® Seven, Multi-Unit, Neodent® Grand Morse, Nobel Active® & Nobel Replace® CC, Nobel Brånemark®, Nobel Replace Select, Osstem® TS, Phibo® TSH® , SuperlineTM & Implantium, Straumann® BLX, Straumann® Bone Level, Straumann® Soft Tissue Level & synOcta®, Zimmer Screw-Vent®.

In addition, DESS Dental counts with the Pure Switch concept across our full product range, which is based on the principal that all our products are designed to match the implant connection to perfection.

If you wish to have more information about DESS® AURUMBase®, you can have a look at the AURUMBase® catalogue, head to this product’s section on our website or contact us at


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